The Unofficial Phyllida Crowley Smith Website


  • Phyllida performed in CATS with some actors from the CATS DVD earlier in the West End production. Such as Jo Bingham, Leah Sue Morland, Bryn Walters, Geoffrey Garrat, Frank Thompson, Kaye Brown and Drew Varley.
  • When she passed her driving test, her first car was an orange VW beetle.
  • Her son, Harley was born in 1998 so I'm assuming he's 16 years old (in 2014) and has a younger son named Elliot.
  • She was in Heathcliff and FAME with Bryn Walters (Plato/Macavity in the CATS DVD) and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang with Tommi Sliiden (Coricopat in the CATS DVD).
  • Met husband Jimmy Johnston during CATS in 1992-1993 while he was playing Victor. They also performed in Heathcliff and The Fred Astaire Tribute together. 
  • Phyllida fulfilled a long cherished ambition when she was cast as Victoria.
  • In the beginning of the "Awful Battle of the Pekes and the Pollicles" number in the Cats DVD, Victoria was actually played by Jo Bingham because Phyllida got sick during the filming of that scene.